Land for Sale

Opportunity to buy prime building land on the central Andreas Miaoulis Street in the less crowded residential area of Hydra Town. This land for sale is only 400 meters from the port.

Plot Size:  411 square meters


PLANNING PERMISSION PENDING (Imminent – to build a 2 floor property totalling 290 square meters of living space.)

To Note: This land for sale is bound on three sides by municipal streets and on one side by the house of the seller, so you can be assured of uncontested access and no boundary disputes.

There is a large quantity of building material on the plot ready to be reclaimed.

Reclaimable building material. Photo taken from side of plot looking across to the street and the houses on the opposite side.
Being on a main arterial road, the material transport costs can be greatly reduced as deliveries can be made by lorry (subject to permit) thereby saving the cost of expensive and more time-consuming mule transport.

The pavements on Miaoulis Street are raised by one meter. There are two access points to the land. One to the side (evidence of a small courtyard) and a second, up a few steps to a central door. Other than that there are absolutely no steps to climb from Hydra port.

From the side of the plot looking down to Miaoulis Street and the side entrance.

Utilities & Services:

The main town supplies for Water, Sewage and Telephone/Internet connections are less than 25 meters from the boundary.

Location & Neighbourhood

This residential area of Hydra Town has a higher proportion of larger houses each surrounded by more space than those houses right in town. The nearest hotel is the Angelika Boutique Hotel and the Bexis Supermarket is only 200 meters along the road.

On the opposite side of the road there is a dramatic exposed side of mountain into which nestles and attractive (private) church. Don’t be put of by the idea of living next to a church because this one is not in use and doesn’t have a bell! Above and to the side of the church houses rise in layers up the mountain and you can see lots of blue sky and across to the sunset.

Happily the plot is on the winter sun side of the road and has sunshine rather than shade for most of the day during the off season. So this means that damp is not an issue.

The surrounding houses are owned by a good mix of local Hydriots and a few expat foreigners who live year round on the island.